Dan is a young man from Timisoara, founding member of Ceva de Spus Association (www.cevadespus.ro) and an indispensable volunteer at the ROVINHUD Wine Show (www.rovinhud.ro).

Polite, generous, attentive to the details that make the difference, Dan never forgets birthdays, is the first to send messages of celebration and who meets ladies with a „mărțișor” on the 1st of March (“mărțișor” is a traditional charm offered by gentlemen to ladies in Romania to mark the beginning of the spring).

Because he loves sports and photography, Dan has completed several photography courses and, from his own savings, he has managed to buy a high-performance camera which accompanied him to many of the city's sporting and social events. At the ROVINHUD Wine Show you can always see Dan with his camera, as one of the most enthusiastic volunteers of the event.



In his early childhood, Dan was diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition that affects his short-term memory, attention span, problem solving and anticipation skills. Although his IQ is high, his condition affects his ability to work.

During an epileptic fit, Dan loses consciousness and falls. The last time he fell in June, he hit his head and ended up in the hospital. In 2012, during a seizure which occurred in the staircase of the building where he lives, Dan fell, hit his head and ended up in a coma at the hospital. A brain surgery saved his life at that moment, but Dan lost a portion of his brainpan and epilepsy continues to endanger his life.

The frequency of the seizures can be fairly high, up to three per day. Seizures are hard to anticipate. They begin with stomach aches, nausea, followed by a loss of consciousness, which leads to him falling down and injuring himself, wherever he may be at that time. During the seizure, his muscles spasm painfully and his whole body trembles spasmodically.

Once the seizure has passed, Dan has difficulties speaking, he is wobbly and his vision is blurry.

Seizures are triggering faster on heat, stress and fatigue, but it is never a reason for Dan to be absent from the events organised by “Ceva de Spus”. It has often happened to have an epileptic episode, after which he rested a little and then resumed his activity.

Very recently, Dan found out that all these problems could be solved by a surgery performed at a hospital in Budapest. All he needs is money and courage.

Although the disease has considerably reduced his ability to work, Dan has always kept on having a job and actively contributing to the local community. He is a man who does not expect to be helped, who is employed even if he could retire because of his illness. This is why he deserves our help even more: to be able to keep his job, to have a decent life and not be afraid of falling down at any time of the day.

A successful surgery would give back to Dan his health, dignity, safety and capacity to work.


The surgery that can change Dan's life can be done in Budapest and costs 8500 euros, money that is urgently needed, because the medical appointment has been booked at the end of July. Here's how you can help Dan:

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July 24, 2017

Dear friends,

We’re back with news on Dan’s situation.

By the end of last week we were letting you know on youcaring.com/helpfordan that on July 17 Dan had been admitted at the National Neurosurgery Institute of Budapest (Országos Idegtudományi Intézet), where we were all hoping he would soon undergo a surgery.

Because the success of this type of intervention is conditioned by a highly accurate pinpointing of the area in the brain that generates the epileptic seizures, Dan underwent a series of complex medical investigations and was monitored by a team of specialists throughout his stay in the hospital, including during his epileptic seizures. We are extremely appreciative of the medical crew who attended Dan during this delicate and tense period.

Unfortunately, the conclusions reached by the doctors were not the ones we were all anxiously waiting for. Dan’s case of epilepsy affects vast portions of his brain, and they are located in both his brain hemispheres, but particularly in his right hemisphere. Because of this, the doctors decided that a surgery would cause him more harm than good. In a nutshell, their conclusion was that Dan is inoperable.

Dan was given a new treatment scheme and was released on Friday, July 21, after which he is to remain in contact with the Budapest doctors so that they can monitor the evolution of the treatment.

The cost of Dan’s week of hospitalization in Budapest amounts to almost 2,500 EUR and we are very grateful to each and every one of you who donated, because Dan would not have been able to cover this cost without your help.

He returned home with his morale low and with few hopes with regards to the next period of his life, because this is not the first treatment he takes – there have been many others and none of them kept at bay the violent epileptic seizures which endangered his life on so many occasions.

Dan’s family and we, his friends, are not giving up and we will continue to be on the lookout for other options and medical opinions in other European countries. We are already looking into contacting a university hospital in Italy which is world-renowned for performing successful surgeries on patients with epilepsy. We intend to contact them in the following weeks and to send the medical documents we received in Budapest, in the hopes of a more optimistic answer from the Italian doctors. We will keep you updated in August, as soon as we have news.

Even if our current news are not happy ones, we will end on a positive note by thanking each of you for your generosity: in only two weeks we managed to collect over 9,500 EUR!

We hope that we will find another solution for Dan, even if this means higher costs for which we will need to continue our fundraising campaign. We hope that August will bring a happier turn of events for Dan and that all he will need is money for surgery – because together we proved that no amount of money is too high when it comes to a man’s life.

If you wish to contacts Dan or his friends who support him in the fundraising campaign, please write at contact@helpfordan.info. Contact person: Zoltán Szövérdfi-Szép.


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